Driver for USB Corded iTouch Keyboard

This figure shows the keycaps desk accessory as I am hitting capslock - cmd - shift - 4 for making a snapshot.

This driver will bring international key layouts support when connecting Logithech's Corded iTouch keyboard to your Mac.
It currently only supports Swiss French and Swiss German layouts.

This is an early access release of the driver. I am still working on the software. However, by releasing this version, I am expecting feedback from you in order to correct as early as possible bugs I would never find otherwise.
You are also welcome to propose additional features but please, keep in mind that I am writing this driver during my free time (and my young daughter deserves getting most of that time).

Download the installer (412 kb)

Read the license agreement.

Read the release notes.

Download the sources (968 kb) and contribute enhancing this driver.

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